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Hey there… I’m Lorraine Olowosuko; wife, mum of three champions and part of the youth volunteer team at Bridge Community Church. I’m an IT Business Analyst and creator of Bliss Quizzes.



I’m often asked, why and how I started Bliss Quizzes. On this page, I’ll answer the why 😀

At the start of 2020, the idea of having a Youtube channel was farfetched and it definitely wasn’t on the list of my 2020 goals. Then the coronavirus hit! We were all in lockdown. I thought to myself, “What can I do online to keep me occupied in a positive way?” Who would have thought it would be creating a Youtube channel.

In one of our local church’s volunteer youth team zoom meeting, we were making plans for our youth meetings during the pandemic and catching up with one another. I was tasked with coming up with a quiz as an Icebreaker for one of the youth online meetings planned. Then it hit me! Quizzes are awesome, powerful and great icebreakers and ideal for team bonding. They are often the ‘go-to’ for mixing things up in youth meetings.

I explored using Kahoot. However, I wanted the quizzes to be freely available not just for our youth group. I looked on Youtube and I thought there no bible quizzes that had the fresh, modern and vibrant vibe I was looking for. The quote 'Be the change that you want to see' came to my mind.

Was I scared? Yes! Why? Because it was the start of something new. I often ask myself what often stops us from starting something new? I’ve come to realise, it’s predominantly fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of criticism, fear of other people’s opinion, fear of failure and the list goes on. What I’ve discovered though is that the lack of knowledge predominantly causes fear.

Fortunately, thanks to Google and Youtube, the lack of knowledge can no longer be an excuse for not doing anything. Let me tell you what helped me start:

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  • I watched videos on how to get started on Youtube - recommend Think Media
  • Scribbled my thoughts down on paper
  • Took the focus off myself and focused on the value the quizzes can have


Bliss Quizzes was born

With Good Friday and Easter fast approaching, I thought it was best the theme of the first quiz be based around this. So on Good Friday 2020, Bliss Quizzes was born! Bliss Quizzes’ Good Friday quizzes were launched.

The Oxford dictionary defines Bliss as ‘Perfect joy or happiness. Enjoyment; gladness.’ That’s exactly how I wanted people to feel when they do a bliss quiz, in adition to fostering knowledge of the bible. This inspired our tag line: Add bliss to your quiet time, family altar, youth meeting, Sunday school, online meeting, bible study and small groups; DO A BLISS QUIZ 😎

Since Bliss Quizzes was launched, our quizzes have featured in Domaine, the youth group of Bridge Community Church’s online meeting, as well as various youth zoom meetings.

If you are about to start something new, take the step. Just start! You don’t have to know everything. You need to know just enough to start and that isn’t everything. Will you be afraid? Yes, but fear gradually dissipates with each step you take. So start something new. Take the step!

Answers and bible references for all the quizzes will be here at blissquizzes.com. I’ll also blog about how the quizzes were created. So, also expect to see content covering how to start a Youtube channel, how to get more views on Youtube, how the quizzes were created, how to start a blog, and so much more. I’m excited to share this 😀

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Taking the focus off myself and focusing on the value Bliss Quizzes has, gives me motivation to keep going.

I hope you find content here helpful.

Bliss Quizzes; your one-stop for your christian themed quizzes.

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